Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit the H&M showroom in New York and finally saw the Maison Martin Margiela collection in the flesh. Remember how skeptical I was about it? Well, people change! I’m now proud of saying that I’m completely smitten with everything (almost everything!).

To my biggest surprise all the pieces were made with high-end materials, which makes them look like authentic  Margiela pieces – you know what I mean. And I can definitely guarantee that some pieces are going to sell out in a a heartbeat. The leather jacket with the frills is undeniably one of them. Oh and don’t you just love the candy pouches too? It’s amazing how they took iconic Margiela items and re-introduced them to the high-street market.

So here’s a few shots of the collection and a few close-ups on my favorite pieces. Now the question is, what will you get ? Are you counting down the days? 15th of November, come soon!

Shop Maison Martin Margiela here and here