If you happen to be in Cannes this weekend for the festival, you’re just in luck. I’ve been meaning to share with you one of my favorite shops in the world : StyleJunky. The name says it all. It is by far, the ultimate destination for shopping for women in desperate search of something fresh,¬†unique and on-trend. In other words, for style junkies only.

¬†Style Junky is a small and intimate boutique founded 11 years ago by Julie and Nicolai, also known as a power couple in Cannes. They have been together for the past 15 years but have chosen to have a contemporary relationship ¬†without marriage. Their modern vision about life and fashion has clearly rubbed off on their store as they ¬†injected a bit of their lifestyle into their boutique. There’s only a few places in the world that takes your breath away, Style Junky and the Taj Mahal are some of them.

Julie and Nicolai’s acute eye for style has never failed to impress me, and whenever I’m in Cannes, I HAVE to make a stop and I know that I’ll always find the most unique pieces from established designers as well as not-so-known designers. But I’m definitely not the only one – Kate Moss, Amy McDonald along with many celebrities, models, stylists and bloggers shop at StyleJunky.

As I wanted to share with you the store, who better to ask then the couple who gave birth to it? Julie and Nicolai give their insight about being in the retail business… Exclusive interview for my followers!

Soraya: How do you think the store has changed since it first opened 11 years ago?

Julie: Oh, it’s a different store. I think we were new in the business when we first opened and we had to find our style, our personal style. So it has defetnitly changed, to the better, I think (laughs).

Soraya: How would you define the store’s identity today?

Julie: Well, it’s a little rock star with a hippie twist, and then of course it’s Cannes so we have a bit of glitter and glamour, you need that in Cannes you know (laughs).

Soraya: How would you describe the typical StyleJunky customer?

Julie: To begin with, she’s not from here, she’s international – whether she’s from London, Paris, Milan or New York, she’s heard or read about StyleJunky and knows she can get unique pieces from us.

Soraya: What do you enjoy most about ur job?

Nicolai: Buying and buying.

Julie: Yes buying, definitely, but also traveling, scouting new designers, such as special designers from LA for instance with a very small collection, we take a few his/her pieces. I like to browse around and pick something that I’ve never seen before then when people come into the store they say “Oh my God I love it” and you feel like you’ve done a good job and it’s definitely one of the best feelings ever.¬†Because you know, it takes a lot of time, roughly about two or three months to get everything together for a season. It’s a lot of work, even for a small boutique like us, we put our heart and soul into the process.

Soraya: So where do you start? I can’t imagine the amount of work it is…

Julie: We usually start in Copenhagen in August and then we’re headed to Paris which coincides with the fashion week followed by meetings in LA in November. It’s exhausting but we love it.

Soraya: With the growing success of your store, have you ever thought of launching your own line?

Julie:¬†As matter of fact, yes we are thinking about it, but not for now, maybe in a few years….

Soraya: How do you think it would look like?

Nico: A little bit of Rika and Isabel Marant with a scandinavian edginess to it.

Julie: We want to create pieces that you can wear every season, timeless pieces.

Soraya: Who’s your favorite designer? Is there a ¬†special designer that you carry in store this season that you LOVE?

Julie: I really love the new jewelry designer we got called Venna, from Hong Kong and I can’t get enough of Golden Goose of course, it’s my favorite!

Nico: Yeah, and the new Pierre Balmain¬†line is arriving soon with the tie dye, the cool jeans with the metallic hard wear and rockstar t-shirts. Mixed with Golden Goose, it’s gonna look very cool.¬†

Soraya: What is this season’s must-have ?

Julie: I’d say something neon, wether it’s a bag, a piece of jewelry¬†or a piece of clothing. I think this is one of the key trends this season and mix it up with more subtle colors. We like the little pop of color this season because the last one¬†was very muted – a lot of black, grey and white, and it’s refreshing to see some vibrant colors this time around.

Nico: We always try to find things that you cannot only wear in Cannes when the weather is nice and sunny, but pieces that you can bring back home to London, Paris or New York, wherever you live. People have to feel comfortable, just as if they were stepping into their own dressing room.

Soraya: It’s true, that’s exactly the vibe I get whenever I visit…

Nico: That’s why we’re still here! Because every other store tries to blend in and bring familiar brands, we take some chances and I think that’s what people like about our store. Everything is always unexpected.

Visit the store in Cannes

Style Junky : 2 Rue Macé, 06400 Cannes, France РTel: +33 (0) 493 394 259 

or shop online on www.stylejunky.fr