On Tuesday, I met with the adorable Natacha Steven¬†(www.natachasteven.com) over lunch at Zuma, possibly my favorite japanese restaurant in the world. I love to meet with fellow bloggers, we always have plenty of stuff to talk about. It’s almost like we’re from a different specie or we come from the same planet. Something like that. Anyways, we clicked!

One thing you need to know aside¬†from being a super cool French blogger (Parisian, sorry !) living in New York and a contributor to L’Officiel’s New Talent¬†issue, Natacha has an¬†immaculate skin complexion. No but really ladies, her skin is flawless, I’ve rarely seen anything like that before, it’s almost too good to be true, I almost wanted to pinch myself. So of course,¬†I asked, and here’s how the conversation went on (translated from French) in a nutshell, I thought you might be interested.

Me:¬†So, what’s your secret? seriously, between you and me…

Natacha: Well I never go in the sun, it’s simple as that and if I do I make sure to put on some SPF50.

Me: Ok good to know, sun is a killer. But seriously do you do anything else?

Natacha: Only pharmaceutical products La Roche Posay, Avene, etc. they are the best.

Me: Maybe I should give it a try, I’ll save a couple of bucks from La Mer’s moisturizing cream.

Natacha: You know, you can also put some Argan oil, it’s very good for the skin and doesn’t clog your pores. Decleor has a good one I think.

Me: Wow… pfffff! I think you just have good genes.

Natacha: When you come to NY, I’ll tell you about a place that does amazing facials.

Me: Yes please, hook me up!

I always had a combination skin type and now it’s quite dry and grey-ish, I don’t know what to do! Or maybe it’s my hair, I’ve been meaning to change the color, I’m kind of bored of this ombre. What should I do? I need to come up with ideas so Abby¬†Haliti from Roy Teeluck in New York can use a bit of her magic touch on me. She’s the best. I went to see her two years ago to get my ombre done for the first time (I had never “dyed” my hair before) and she truly did wonders.

Ok I just realized that I literally got sidetracked. I started talking about japanese food and ended up writing about my hair. Oh well, Thank God it’s Friday, isn’t that what they say ? Have a nice weekend!

Jacket: The Kooples

Trousers: Joseph (on sale)

Sweater: Sandro

Bag: Celine (similar here)

Slippers: Repetto

Photos by Natacha