Speaking of veiled beanies…. what do you think of mine ? It’s probably one of the easiest thing to DIY but I asked Romina to make me one, after I saw it on her blog. On the other hand, it’s not the easiest thing to style, especially during the day. It’s a very special piece that you can keep for a special occasion like a party or fashion week, almost like the Maison Michel inspired Cat Ears Lace Headband that I just ordered! Let’s see how I’ll style this one. Any thoughts on how to style these two particular headgears? 

FYI: It probably doesn’t look like it, when we shot this outfit by the lake it was extremely cold. I’m talking minus 4 or 5 degrees Celcius and add a bit of wind. Freezing. Ah things I do for fashion… Have a nice week everyone. 

 Coat: Maje

Leopard jacket: RIKA

Velvet dungaree: Topshop

Veiled beanie: DIY by Romina

Striped shirt: Topshop

Gloves: Corlette

Bag: Chanel

Boots: Isabel Marant 

Learn how to do your own veiled beanie right here

Photos by Lina Bessonova