It’s funny, because people always assume that Switzerland looks like a village in the prairie. Non sense! These pictures were taken in the country side while we were headed to one of my favorite restaurants this weekend. It’s a good thing that I carry my camera around whenever I’m back in Geneva, because you can come across beautiful landscapes and therefore it was the perfect location for an outfit shoot. Peaceful, quiet and away from prying eyes…

With that said, my challenge was to make these Acne ripped jeans look dressy – tough one (considering the amount of holes it has). The idea came to me after a discussion with a friend (and a very stubborn one) who said that it was impossible to wear destroyed jeans in a classy way. Ok, probably not a good idea to show up at the Opera like this, nor to your friend’s wedding, but you get my point. Worn with a pair of bright  sandals, a silky shirt and blazer already makes it look dressier. Don’t you think? For those who know me well enough, you know my love for accessories, so I couldn’t just stop there, I had to throw on my neon favorite Tom Binns necklace (find similar here) with my clutch from C by Cynthia, custom-made at Colie Boutique in Geneva.

Jeans: Acne (similar here)

Silk shirt: Zara

Blazer: IRO (similar here)

Necklace: Tom Binns (similar here)

Bag: C by Cynthia (similar here)

Dannijo iPhone case

Sandals: Miu Miu (similar here)

Photo credit : Yasaman Bakhtiar