This picture was taken right before the Pringle of Scotland show,which I was almost late to.  Many publications have different shots but this one, capture by Motilo  was my favorite. You’ll never believe me when I’ll say this but I got dressed in hurry without looking at myself in a mirror. As you can see, the zippers of my shoes are still undone, and that’s not an attempt to look cool, trust me. My day started with the Peter Pilotto show at 9AM in East London. Do you believe me now when I say I was running behind? I would also like to mention (while we’re at it) that I’m not trying to imitate  scarecrow although it looks like I am. My hands were just tucked under my coat, it was freezing on that day and everyone seemed to wear summer clothes. Crazy ! Anyhow, to come back to my beloved Topshop booties, I have to say that they saved me during fashion week, they were so comfortable and complimented most my outfits. Winner.

I’m wearing…

Maje denim (similar here)

Acne angora jumper (similar here)

Zara floral blazer + knitted coat

Topshop hat and boots (similar here)

Celine neon bag

LeiVanKash dagger necklace