Yesterday, my super cool aunt  Alyaa Kamel (artist, poet, illustrator) took me for lunch at one of my favorite hidden spots in Geneva : Le Barocco located in the Art and History Museum in the Old Town of Geneva. I tend to forget about this place, and it’s a real shame because it has an outstanding outdoor venue and a beautiful terrace in the courtyard.  It’s really quiet and peaceful and you can just sit in the sun with a book and relax (unlike La Clemence a few meters away, where you’ll bump into everyone you know!). Anyhow, if you’re looking for something different and looking to enjoy the last rays of light give it a try (well, not today obviously because it’s pouring). You won’t be disappointed.

Crispy goat cheese salad…. yum!

Dress: Anna Sui

Denim vest: Maje

Necklace: Shourouk 

Bag: Celine

Boots: Isabel Marant

Photos by Alyaa Kamel