My first post of the year. Yay! I really wanted to show you my New Year’s Eve outfit but I took a “disco nap” and when I woke up it was already dark. The sun sets really early here, it’s so annoying! Well I hope you all had a nice celebration on monday night, I certainly did. Last night, I had dinner at Graycliff and after desert we had a tour at the wine cellar which is the 3rd biggest in the world, and it counts over 270’000 bottles, and the oldest one is from 1700, it was really impressive. But the most interesting aspect of this visit were the stories about the house being haunted. Many guests have seen or witnessed the presence of spirits. The house is from the 18th century so you get an idea of the things that must have happened in there. It is said that the basement served as a prison back in the day. Having said that, the lobster was delicious and we really had a lovely time. Probably one of the nicest restaurants in the Bahamas, really worth checking out if you’re visiting.

Other than that, nothing new to tell you! I’m half way through GRACE, a very interesting memoir. I really underestimated this red-haired woman! She was married to Mr. Chow, had a fling with Mick Jagger and okay… I’m not gonna spoil it for you because I really think that if you have an interest in fashion, and fashion magazines, this will defenitely be a good read! Oh, and I also finished the first season of the TV show GIRLS, I really enjoyed it. Finally a show about women our age. It’s so different, well-written and I like the spontaneity of it. Ok, I’m off to yoga now, any thoughts about all of the above? I’d love to hear them! (I mean it).

Dress: Isabel Marant

Headpiece: Dauphines of New York

Bag: Chanel 

Ring: Patua Jewels

Bangle: Maria Francesca Pepe

Shoes: Miu Miu (similar ones here)

Photos by Yasaman Bakhtiar