Hello Obsedia, or shall I call it : HelloNewItBag? 

A new bag obsession which started about a year ago when SZ purchased hers and last week, I saw Leila rock hers, she was wearing the one with the metallic chain strap as seen above, which I believe makes it look really edgy and different from the others. If you want my honest opinion, I wasn’t quite sure about it at first but  I guess it has to be perceived as a hipster alternative to the usual Chanel/Celine bag (that everyone has now).

In the same family, the Obsedia cuff is really divine. It reminds me of a less classic version of Hermes’s famous collier de chien, Evangelie from StyleHeroine wears it beautifully on her blog. Ricardo Tisci a designer like no other, that’s for sure.


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Photo credit: Tommy Ton