My love for spas is not a secret so I created a category titled “Boudoir” where I will review from time to time a spa or service that I enjoyed and would like to share with you. This time around, I had the opportunity to get pampered at the President Wilson hotel and spa in Geneva. A unique experience at their beautiful La Mer spa. As I mentioned on my previous blog, I live by the Creme de La Mer - it’s certainly quite costly but let me tell you that their “crème generatrice” works for me and has done wonders to my dry skin.

I apply it at night because it’s quite thick but the texture is fantastic and will penetrate into your skin very quickly. Before buying the jar, I suggest you try a sample and see how your skin reacts to it. After all, we’re all different and we all have different needs. I try my best not to get fooled by marketing strategies so I did a bit of digging and found out that La Mer beauty products have remarkable properties and are part of the Estée Lauder group. Oh, and did you know that Creme de La Mer can treat sunburns and scars ? True story, you read about it online.

The reason why I was putting my love for La Mer in context is because I went for a facial during my spring break in Geneva at renown President Wilson Hotel - the only spa in Switzerland where you can find La Mer products and treatments. I always recommend doing at least two facial treatments a year, one after winter and one after summer, it cleanses your skin and will make it look radiant and younger, not that i’m particularly old, but hey…. prevention starts now. I’m no beauty guru but any dermatologist will agree I’m sure.

On a sunny day around noon, I went to the La Mer spa and received a royal treatment. Everyone was very friendly and attentive and I did a little tour of the spa before my appointment. Love birds will be happy to hear that the Spa La Mer at the President Wilson hotel offers special facilities in their couple’s treatment room which includes a private sauna and steam room along with a private jacuzzi. I really love this hotel and the view on the roof sighting over the lake is absolutely  breathtaking. I cannot wait to be back this summer to enjoy an afternoon by the pool or pre-dinner drinks.

As I was sipping a herbal tea in the lounge, Samira came to greet me and took me to the treatment room. Let me tell you that she is the best beauty therapist I had the pleasure to do a treatment with. She was gentle, professional and found out that she was trained as a reflexologist as well, so her understanding of beauty goes beyond a generic facial treatment. No wonder she has been at the helm of the spa for the past 10 years. Everything went smoothly (even the extraction part – nobody likes that) and the treatment includesd a deep cleansing, exfoliation, deep moisturization and a hand and foot massage over an hour in a very serene setting. As you come out from your treatment, you will definetly not look like you have been butchered and you’ll be able to carry on your life without hiding yourself at home for 24 hours or fearing bumping into someone you know looking like…. a mess. A luxurious and scar-free treatment for only 195-. chf. I highly recommend it. If you are ever in town make sure to stop by the spa and I’ll be happy to hear how your treatment went.

Visit La Mer for more information about their products.

Photo credit: Soraya Bakhtiar