I remember meeting Danielle and Jodie two years ago when I was writing an article about their work for PinkMemo.  We immediately got along and I have to say that I’m really impressed by how their brand turned into, let’s face it, an EMPIRE.

 Two weeks ago, I visited their newly refurbished showroom in the meatpacking district with my sister and we had a preview of  their Spring/Summer 2013 and their current collection. Trust me ladies, their showroom is probably one of the best places in world, Imagine entering into Ali Baba’s Cave: everything sparkles and shines… it’s seriously blinding. I’ve been dying to show your their universe, their showroom is very loyal to their aesthetic.  Whenever I’m in New York, l stop by the DANNIJO showroom to check their new collection, and we sit around and chat, while I try on everything!  As you can imagine, I couldn’t leave empty-handed, so I got the MISCH II necklace (comes in bronze/coral too) after seeing it on their lovely colleague, Francesca.

Danielle and Jodie explained that their upcoming Spring/Summer collection was centered around an international editorial piece and a Peter Beard work that they’ve stumbled upon. Beard’s use of indigo, his celebration of the natural women and subtle integration of tribalistic influences really served as a driving force for peaceful warriors and trippy hippies.

The result is dazzling and a picture (and in this case twenty) is worth a thousand words! You do the math.

Thank you girls for having us! See you soon xo

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Photos by Yasaman Bakhtiar