Stella, Stella, Stella… Where to begin? What a visionary! When it comes to Stella McCartney, she never fails to impress by creating clothes that women really want to wear and looking good while wearing them. Having said that, I’ve had my eye on these wedge pumps. A nice alternative to the white Celine that I’ve missed. But everything happens for a reason because I love a slingback in the summer, don’t ask why, I feel claustrophobic with closed pumps. Don’t you ? I’m now debating between the white or orange one, with the low heel… tough call!

I love the hologram version but they sold out in my size (alternative here)… Seriously, who buys white and silver hologram shoes in the middle of January? My answer: very smart women who noticed just like I did, that holograms are HUGE this spring. You know what they say, you snooze you loose. 

In the meantime you can find them here and here in most sizes!

Stella McCartney on sale, right this way!