The Pashli Frenzy is still ongoing, and here in London you’ll be lucky if you find one. They fly out. Since I got my Phillip Lim Pashli bag in taupe last winter, I’ve been really amazed on how practical this bag is. Sometimes we love the aesthetics of a bag and it turns out not to be very practical. I’m sure you know what I mean. If you’re looking for a bag to go to work/school (and carry your laptop) this is probably the best investment I’ve done bag-wise (and I mean money-wise too! Great bargain for an it bag). Having said that, I’m now I’m thinking of getting another one…. I quite like the green one for fall/winter. I have already planned next season’s color palette : which will feature a lot of burgundy, dark green, cobalt blue and navy.

All available online, in green, lipstick red, black, nude, blue and yellow (available in white leather on sale)

Pashli in PVC in white and black  –  Mini Pashli in blackgreen and red.

But now my decision has gotten even harder since I saw Rachel Bilson pair hers with a floral Phillip Lim dress at night and a Current Elliott star denim during the day. Truth is, I’ve been eyeing on the PVC version (as seen above) as well as the Mini Pashli in Lipstick red. They’re the same size as Celine’s nano bag, and transitions really nicely from day to night. I also realized the other day that I didn’t have any red bags….

What to do, what to do?