Thank you all for waiting…. Last week I posted a wonderful illustration by Lina saying that I had a big announcement. The secret is out! Before my trip to New York, a month ago, I shot this campaign for Rita & Zia‘s first ever capsule collection. The collection is presented exclusively on my blog, no where else and it will be available in store at Rita Concept store in Geneva on December 1st until December 31st. Rita & Zia is known for their beaded necklaces and lucky charm cord bracelet but this collection is nothing like the previous ones. Think Rock Deluxe with a little bit of edge, I personally could not resist (well the little rock star in me couldn’t). I love the hard & soft combination of precious stones with matte onyx.  It’s interesting to see how all of these pieces can be worn alone or stacked up all together as seen in these photos. It’s all about being creative, and that’s the spirit behind Sandrine Barabinot‘s brand. I got the necklace in red for myself and I wear it as a bracelet sometimes too! It’s my new lucky charm.

 Prices (all in Swiss Francs) vary from 195.- to 390.- for bracelets (silver or rose gold) and from 420.- to 390.- for necklaces. See you soon at Rita Concept!

Grand Rue 13
1204 Geneva
T. +41 (0) 22 321 1747

Please note that if you live abroad and would like to make a special order, please send your request to:

Another huge thank you to the Rita & Zia team and Lina Bessonova for the pictures!

PS: I’m wearing an H&M jacket (from several years ago),  Gestuz leather pants, Isabel Marant sneakers, IRO fishnet top and Zadig & Voltaire hat.