I discovered the French jewelry brand Shourouk two years ago at StyleJunky in Cannes. They’re always ahead of the game, seriously. Now,  all the Shourouk pieces have been adopted by the celebs and fashionistas, from Natasha Goldenberg to Anna Dello Russo and even Michelle Obama. The founder and designer Shourouk Rhaiem, is a Parisian woman with Tunisian roots who launched her line back in 2007 and today, her pieces are on everyone’s wish list. Mine included.

I already own a Neon Orange LeitMotiv necklace and a pair of yellow neon earrings but I can’t wait to get myself some other goodies.

In the meantimes, I’m sharing with you some of my favorite pieces…

1. Lybov Necklace - 2. Rita Cadillac Necklace

3. Baraka Roccoco Bracelet - 4. Pink Miami Necklace

5. Green Vegas sequin and crystal earrings

6. Neon Yellow Vegas sequin and crystal earrings  - 7. Scarlett Necklace 

8. Leitmotiv Yildiz Necklace  (ON SALE!)

9. Comet Pink Earrings  (ON SALE!)

Photo courtesy of Shourouk