In a world where jewelry has taken a preponderant presence in our Western societies and throughout the years, they’ve become the ultimate fashion accessory, Jacquie Aiche, a young American jewelry designer with Egyptian roots based in Los Angeles shares with us the story behind her eponymous brand.

Since her debut in the world of fine jewelry, Jacquie Aiche designs has caught the attention of many celebrities, from Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron to Miley Cyrus and of course, the Kardashians. Everyone has fallen for Jacquie and we can surely understand why. Jacquie works with high-end materials only such as 18 and 14 karat gold, sterling silver, precious and semi-precious gemstones and diamonds. In addition than being a woman with strong spiritual and moral values, she is very meticulous and her attention to details and desire to make a woman feel beautiful stems out of her collections – all made with love. Every single piece is delicate, refined and will aim to please every type of woman, whether she’s more classic or with an edge.

Jacquie says it herself: “jewelry can be very powerful. When a woman wears a unique piece of jewelry, it can have a profound effect on the way she feels and the way people perceive her. I design jewelry to bring out aspects of a woman’s personality. Perhaps make her feel and appear more mysterious or more exotic or mischievous or more luminescent.”  Aside from her versatility, we like the fact that everything goes together or can be worn alone and make a strong statement. Every piece remains timeless, and sometimes it involves a touch of humor with the “love” and “fuck” rings and necklaces.

For the anecdote, I discovered the brand last summer when I was in Los Angeles and purchased the finger bracelet at Madison LA.

 Soraya Bakhtiar: What’s the story behind Jacquie Aiche? Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and the brand?

Jacquie Aiche: The story behind Jacquie Aiche is all about being yourself and being able to express it with jewelry that speaks your language. I have always been a strong believer in self expression and what better way than with wearable art.

S.B: How do you think your culture influence your work?

J.A: The two diverse cultures I was raised with influence the collection daily. The exotic textures of hammered gold hugging on to raw uncut gemstones combine both the wholesome American girl and the Egyptian Goddess all in one.

S.B: How do you begin to create a collection?

J.A: I just start to play around and create pieces that I can imagine on people. The process usually begins with a gemstone or mineral and it’s almost as if that piece is somehow driving the design itself! It’s all quite organic. Once I find something that I personally love (gemstone, fossil, or a certain design) I have to make it in a hundred different styles. No 2 pieces are ever identical as each piece is handmade.

S.B: What would you say  inspires you the most when it comes down to designing jewelry ?

 J.A: Making women feel beautiful is what inspires me the most. Creating a piece that is going to make a woman feel more sensuous or playful or simply special brings me the greatest satisfaction…

S.B: So how would you describe the woman who wears Jacquie Aiche? 

J.A: A sophisticated woman who is a free spirit. A woman who is exotic and beautiful in her own individual way which makes her unforgettable.  I love the raw elements from mother Earth encrusted with 250 diamonds! But Jacquie Aiche can not be defined by one “look” -  its really all about how it makes you feel. 

S.B: Is there one piece of jewelery that you never take off?

J.A: My bodychain… Makes me feel like such a lady but a naughty one too! 

S.B: And what’s your best-selling item?

J.A: The finger bracelet, without a doubt. It has created such a buzz worldwide! The intent of my original design was just to create another layer of jewelry to connect and enhance the ring and bracelet. I had no idea that that simple design would create such a firestorm!

S.B: In your spare time, what do you enjoy doing the most?

J.A: Spending time with family and friends. Our days can get so crazy and hectic that we forget what life is all about, creating memories with the ones we love!

For more information, visit JacquieAiche