Many of you have noticed my recent addiction to space-stuff related. Since my trip to South of France this summer, I wear a moon ring and never took it off. It reminds me not to take things too seriously sometimes, and that it’s OK to wander and dream.

I fell in love with Diane Kordas moon earrings and I’m really glad that I got a second piercing, because I’ve been dreaming to wear a moon and a star next to each other, à la Kate Moss. I also love this silver Charlotte Olympia clutch. How cool is it?

1. Diane Kordas Moon 18-karat rose gold diamond stud earrings

2. Aamaya by Priyanka moon braided bracelet

3. Charlotte Olympia Astrid flitter-finished pumps

4. Charlotte Olympia silver moon clutch

5. Jennifer Meyer 18-karat gold star earrings

6. Jaquie Aiche white diamond mini star ring

7. Charlotte Olympia black moon clutch

8. Diane Kordas Moon 18-karat rose gold diamond necklace

9. Gorjana prisine star stud earrings

10. Jaquie Aiche white diamond mini Moon ring

11. Chrissie Morris Ursula star shoes

12. Me&Ro Diamond Cescent Moon & Triple Star Necklace

13. Lanvin Swarovski crystal star clip earrings