So today’s the day where my mother gave birth to me 23 years ago… Congratulations to her for giving birth to me as I was (believe it or not) a very fat baby.  4’150kg to be precise.  Anyways, sorry for this very rushed post, I’m off to God-knows-where to spend my birthday somewhere in Switzerland with my beloved boyfriend. I’ll update you from my Instagram!

Honestly, I’m so blessed to be surrounded by such loving friends and family, thank you for making me feel so special today. Love you all.

In the meantime and in addition to my fabulous Givenchy boots (which you can pre-order here by the way) I’ll let you admire my beautiful “outdoor slippers” from Miu Miu. How cool are they? I was very lucky to find the, they’re sold out (almost) everywhere! I LOVE the embellished heel. So girly yet chic….

Miu Miu Crest Velvet Slippers in Burgundy

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