Yesterday, I had breakfast with my friend Fiorina before heading to a day full of meetings in South East and East London. Fiorina is the founder and designer behind the brand Corlette (don’t miss out on this XMAS shopping event on Thursday by the way, also featuring LeiVanKash) and a real business woman who commutes from a meeting to another with a divine Givenchy bag with a long shoulder strap. I immediatly thought : “Wow, thats a great bag!”. I never thought it could look so cool, because at first it  can come off as stiff and ordinary. It’s classic yet with a little bit of edge and most importantly it’s practical. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for? Antigona ladies, Antigona.

So I investigated online and it turns out that I was in fact a few train stops behind. Yes, I was still stuck on the Obsedia. While I was working on my MA project/dissertation I guess I missed out on this new baby because today everyone seems to be obsessed with it and it was recently seen on Miranda Kerr (as seen below), Gwyneth Paltrow, Rachel Zoe, Amanda Seyfried, Nicole Richie, Chiara Ferragni, blablabla you get it. Anyways you can “search engine” it and see for yourself. Ta Ta!

Photo credit : Vogue Fr