Fabienne Fryba, 27, is a Swiss jewelry designer behind the brand Avinas based in Zürich and a dear friend of mine. She’s one of the most driven and passionate woman I have met along the years and I really wanted to share with you her new SS13 collection that just launched last week. In addition, we wanted celebrate and to offer all my readers an exclusive 10% discount by entering code : Sorayablog at checkout (valid until 30th of April). I’m completely smitten by the simplicity of her designs yet its sophistication. It’s exactly what every woman would want to wear. Meaning : it’s fine and delicate just like the designer herself. Here’s a little Q&A I did with Fabienne, (like I always like to do with designers that have caught my attention) where you’ll be able to learn more about her story. Fascinating.

S.B: What’s the story behind Avinas? Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and how you got started?

F.F: Avinas means Aries in Lithuanian. It refers to my astrological sign as well as my culture. I’ve been making jewelry for the past six years. It all started while I was studying, I would draw and make jewelry myself in a so-called atelier. Once I graduated, I decided to pursue my childhood dream and study jewelry design and making in New York. I have to say that it is thanks to this experience that I am here today, showcasing my new brand and my creations that I am very proud of.

S.B: Did living in New York influence your work and how would you describe your line?

F.F: Oh  yes! Believe me when I say so. New York is so inspiring; it really did influence my work as an artist and jewelry designer. My school was a stone’s throw away from the chicest neighborhood of Manhattan, whereas I, on the other hand was living a very bohemian lifestyle in Brooklyn. If I had to describe my line, I guess I would say that it’s a mix between the Upper-East Side and the Boho Chic vibe from Williamsburg. 

S.B: What would you say inspires you the most when it comes down to designing jewelry?

F.F: I love markets and my grandmother’s vintage jewelry. According to me, a piece of jewelry is something you can keep forever. There’s an emotional value to a piece of jewelry. This is also one of the reasons why I picked the infinity sign as the logo of Avinas. In terms of design, I always go for something delicate, fine and timeless, these are the keywords that I have in mind while in the making process. 

S.B: So how would you describe the woman who wears Avinas

F.F: The Avinas woman is a free spirit, bohemian chic with a little bit of edge while keeping it classy. She likes the simplest things in life and it’s the same for her jewelry. Jewelry is a way of complementing her personality. The good thing about Avinas, everything is very versatile and everything can be mixed and matched.

S.B: Is there one piece of jewelry that you never take off?

F.F: Yes, a necklace that my grandfather gifted my mother for her 16th birthday. I absolutely love it. It’s made of yellow gold with a very delicate chain and small flowers. It also inspired me to create very fine and delicate piece that you can wear all time without even feeling them. They become like a second skin.

S.B: And what’s your best-selling item?

F.F: The Avinas infinity ring. My clients love it! For the new collection, I created a new version of this best seller: the infinity band (see photo below).


S.B: In your spare time, what do you enjoy doing the most?

F.F: Obviously, like any other woman: Shopping! I love fashion and it’s important for me to stay in the loop with fashion trends in order to reflect it in my jewelry pieces. I also love to travel, discover new cultures and traditions and let them inspire me…

S.B: Any interesting projects for the future you would like to share with our readers?

F.F: There are many projects for the future, but for the time being selling my jewelry in New York, because this is how it all started… You know what they say; good things come to those who wait.


For more information, visit www.avinasjewelry.com

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