Everyone is searching for a fashion blog that will never fail to thrill and inspire. A special little corner of the internet carefully created to chicly steer you in the right direction for any outfit, any occasion. Sift through the smoke and mirrors used by so many others, and discover Soraya Bakhtiar: creative ingenuity, inimitable personal style, and fashion know-how crowned with the most enviable flowing mane. She strikes the perfect chord between high fashion and high street. Wielding her imagination and artistic eye, Soraya blends the two levels of fashion into a truly original and covetable look, like a flawless paper doll. Emulate her, and your look will forever be exclaimed over, admired, and praised.

Soraya hails from a long line of creative women. Her mother is a knitwear designer, her grandmother is an established writer, and her aunt, Alyaa Kamel, is an artist and poet. Before creating her booming fashion blog, Soraya, a talented journalist, interned for Cote Magazine, TANK Magazine, Because Magazine, ELLE UK, and freelanced for Olivia Palermo’s blog. As a street style superstar, she showcases usual items in surprising and spectacular new ways and has garnered the attention of many major publications, such as Vogue UK, Cosmopolitan, ELLE, ASOS Magazine, Vogue Brazil, The New York Times, Oyster Magazine, and Refinery29.


In early 2013, almost before the ink had dried on her greatly respected Fashion Journalism Masters degree (from the London College of Fashion, nevertheless), Soraya’s fresh take on fashion inspired Elie Saab to eagerly appoint her to their PR Coordinator position in Switzerland. After much diligent work in the position, Soraya made the difficult decision to solely dedicate her passion to her influential blog and exciting freelance projects. And with a chic and admirable arsenal of knowledge, from psychology and media communications to photography and fashion journalism, Soraya does it all.

But to just call this rare gem a blogger or style icon, does her a grave injustice. Soraya is spiritually grounded. A cultural savant. 100% approachable. Arguably, she is your dream best friend. A native Swiss beauty with a very intriguing Middle Eastern and Egyptian background, Soraya approaches life as a fashion influencer in a most special and imaginative way. From her exotic travels to the quiet spirituality of her dedicated yoga practice, she draws inspiration from all parts of her illustrious life. She recently partnered with SkinFeelings to design a capsule collection of cheeky and stylish temporary tattoos for the fashion set. Other remarkable brands that have benefited from partnerships with the fashion force that is Soraya Bakhtiar are: Rebecca Minkoff, Jennifer Zeuner, Alexis, Chopard, by Boe, Jacquie Aiche, IRO, LeiVanKash, Bobbi Brown, and Nars. As an ambassador for the ARTSETTERS community, Soraya has a bright future of creative collaborations.

Currently, Soraya’s fashionable followers are eagerly awaiting the SS14 release of her jewelry collection, Soraya Bakhtiar for Rita & Zia. The line features seven original pieces inspired by the ethnic mystique of The Thousand and One Nights. Each ring, bracelet and head piece is reminiscent of an ancient fairy tale, and features a henna-like design with turquoise gemstones. The line will, of course, achieve must-have status immediately upon its reveal.

The world of fashion can be overwhelming and intimidating. But Soraya effortlessly navigates and flawlessly edits each season. As she leads, be sure to follow.


Written by Kim Remeto-Spacek

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